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Movin' Along

January 2022

This podcast features the latest EP recording of Sue Palmer & Her Motel Swing Orchestra, "Movin' Along,", with discussion on songs, other artists, and cultural happenings that influenced the album process.

Handful of Keys

March 2021

This podcast consists of just a few of the many piano players who have inspired me over the years: Katie Webster, Sweet Emma Barrett, Marcia Ball, Fats Waller, Teddy Wilson, Rockhouse Annie, Tresse Turner, and more.

50s Manhattan Jazz

February 2021

Bebop, beatniks, wayout voices, sidestreet clubs as well as Carnegie Hall prevailed; Fifty Second Street was filled with hipsters having drinks and listening to jazz; Midtown, Greenwich Village, and Harlem were filled with musicians like Bud Powell, Thelonius Monk, Marian McPartland, Mary Lou Williams, Blossom Dearie, King Pleasure, Bobby Short, and many more.

Country KSUE

January 2021

Country KSUE explores Sue's introduction to Country and Western music, featuring Deford Bailey, Ray Charles, Hazel&Alice, Mrs. Etta Baker, The Quebe Sisters, The Pointer Sisters, Buck Owens, Jo Miller, and many more.

VINYL: 30's Jazz & Blues

December 2020

As I continue to explore my VINYL collection, this podcast explores the 30's transitional period between Ragtime Jazz and Bebop and Rhythm & Blues: the 30s Swing Era. Artists featured include Fletcher Henderson, John Kirby, Harlem Hamfats, Muggsy Spanier, Sidney Bechet, Jack Teagarden,Lil Johnson, Victoria Spivey, Lucille Hegemin, Hannah Sylvester, Buddy Tate, Tiny Grimes, Cats and the Fiddle, Preston Coleman, Candye Kane, and more.

VINYL: The 2nd Shelf

November 2020

"VINYL: The 2nd Shelf," continues to explore the artists I discovered in my 20s, when cultural changes were happening in many areas: Cannonball Adderley, Archie Shepp, Meg Christian, Gwen Avery, Teresa Trull, The Pointer Sisters, Sweet Honey in the Rock, Charles Lloyd, Joanne Brackeen, and many more.


November 2020

Due to great new technology, I have rediscovered my vinyl collection from the late '60s, '70s, and early '80s! This first vinyl podcast has become a tribute to a few women who had long and wonderful careers in music: Valaida Snow, Marion McPartland, Una Mae Carlisle, Mary Osborn, Vi Redd, Vi Burnside, Kathy Stobart, Dottie Dodgion, Lynn Milano, Sarah Lawler, and Lil Hardin Armstrong.


October 2020

Sue's Halloween show features some of San Diego's scariest jazz and blues musicians. WATCH OUT!!!

Conversations with Charles McPherson

September 2020

"Conversations with Charles McPherson" gives an insight into the artistic process of a living jazz legend, who has known the world class jazz world for over 60 years, remembering Charlie Parker, Charles Mingus, and the countless other icons he has played with, while sitting in the San Diego neighborhood of Talmadge and talking with Sue Palmer about his new album JAZZ DANCE SUITES.


August 2020

MINGUS, the podcast, gives a short overview of the career of the brilliant jazz recordings and compositions of the volatile Charles Mingus, including compositions with other artists, in an era rife with angst.

Bastille Day

July 2020

Paris Cafe tunes, expatriots, and French influenced jazz and blues: France and the USA have had a long and great history of cultural exchanges.

Time to Boogie!

May 2020

Tonight's show features just a few of the world's greatest Boogie Woogie artists, including Hadda Brooks, Camille Howard, Lloyd Glenn, Taryn Donath, and much more. Buckle up! It's TIME TO BOOGIE!!

ALONE TOGETHER/a melancholy serenade

April 2020

Featuring music from King Curtis, Jackie Gleason, the KSUE studio house band, and others, to fit the many moods the pandemic brings on.

Ladies Shoes

April 2020

It's about walking: In the midst of our sheltering, we walk.


March 2020

From the time of the Wiemar Republic in pre-Hitler Germany, in Paris and Manhattan cafes, and cabarets filled with artistes and bohemians of all kinds, all over the world, music has prevailed: Kurt Weill, Cole Porter, Bessie Smith, Edith Piaf, and much more.


March 2020

"QUARANTINE," the podcast, was recorded at the studios of KSUE San Diego, March 16, 2020: Strange Brew for Strange Times.

Behind the Green Door: Musical Memories of a Baby Boomer

January 2020

Born in 1947, Sue Palmer takes us on her personal journey of discovering music in her childhood and incorporating it into her own personal taste in listening and playing herself.

GEMS Volume 2

November 2019

Host Sue Palmer announces the release in podcast form of her newest album: 'GEMS volume 2', a second compilation of some of her favorite recordings over her 40 year career, as well as one recorded this year ("Oh Well," by Laura Jane Willcock)

Candye Kane / San Diego Music Hall of Fame

September 2019

Legendary Blues Diva Candye Kane will be inducted into the San Diego Music Hall of Fame posthumously this year. This podcast celebrates some of her beautiful, but less well known recordings.

San Diego Jazz & Blues History (40s-70s)

July 2019

This version of the Motel Swing Happy Hour is host Sue Palmer's personal view of some of San Diego's Jazz & Blues History 40s-70s, including Fro Brigham's Preservation Band, Preston Coleman, Jimmie Noone, Daniel Jackson, Jeannie & Jimmy Cheathem, and many more.

Duke Ellington

May 2019

In celebration of Duke Ellington's 110th birthday, the Motel Swing Happy Hour features recordings from selected periods of his writing, from the Cotton Club compositions to his Sacred Concerts, featuring various artists.

San Diego Women in Music

February 2019

"San Diego Women in Music" celebrates March and Women in History Month with many of the nominees for the 2019 San Diego Music Awards.

Mardi Gras

February 2019

This Motel Swing Happy Hour celebrates some of the music America has produced out of New Orleans, and all over the world, getting ready for the Mardi Gras season.

Reaching for the Moon

January 2019

In celebration of Valentine's Day and romance, this podcast features cabaret tunes from Marlena Dietrich, Eydie Gorme, Janell Rock, Stephanie Porter, Hadda Brooks, Ella Fitzgerald, Romy Kaye, Candye Kane, and many more.

Laura Chavez

January 2019

Nominated for Guitarist of the Year (2019) by the Blues Foundation in Memphis, the work of Laura Chavez is the subject of this Motel Swing Happy Hour Podcast.

Poetry Cocktail

December 2018

Poetry Cocktail is the noir, beatnik version of the Motel Swing Happy Hour, with Candye Kane, Romy Kaye, Sue Palmer and much more.

Preston Coleman

December 2018

This is an overview of the musical career of a colorful and talented musician: Mr. Preston Coleman.

The KSUE Motel Swing Orchestra

November 2018

This show features all the side men and women in the KSUE Motel Swing Orchestra.

Boogie Woogie

November 2018

Recordings of some of the many international Boogie Woogie stars Sue has played with, all over the world.

Molly and Sue

October 2018

Sue's Motel Swing Happy Hour features various recordings of Molly Stone and Sue Palmer and gives an overall picture of their influence on each other, and others.

Janell Rock Seattle

October 2018

Sue is featuring select musician friends on her show, Janell Rock / Seattle, including Del Rey, Jo Miller, Ray Skhelbred.

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