Mark it up to a higher power that Candye Kane and Sue Palmer found each other. This live recording from a rainy night in Eeklo, Belgium, reveals the undeniable truth that the sum of Candye and Sue is greater than its two parts.  They have almost telepathic communication skills that come not from practice, but from listening and respecting each other.

Here, they ease through standards such as "The Lady is a Tramp," "Cry Me a River," and "Dream a Little Dream," but they also throwdown on the honky tonker "I Left My Heart In Texas," which seems like it should havg4e been inn some western movie bar scene with Handsome cowboys swooning over Candye.

There's some barrelhouse here on "Don't Cry Sister," and boogie-woogie on "Boogie Woogie Country Girl," but the style of music doesn't seem to matter.  Candye and Sue have a special relationship that allows top-shelf display of their sterling talents.

This is wonderful collaboration, a singer who has such purity in her voice and a pianist whose musical vocabulary can summon just the proper tone, touch and nuance to accent the singer.  Partnerships don't come any better than this. Michael Kinsman, Blue Ink, August, 2011

--Blue Ink, August 2011, by Michael Kinsman

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